Bathroom Vent Switch

If anyone has read the previous post, you might be wondering why I am dedicating an entire post to one little picture.... well this one little picture is the reason Shawn was busy all afternoon. It started innocently enough. As part of his cleaning/caulking episode he wanted to take the vent cover off and clean it. One thing led to another and he remembered that the push in switch has a short in it. Time for an upgrade ;)!

He had one switch left over from the propane & CO detector installation. This one switch differed just a little bit different than the other two. It was a dual pole switch instead of a single pole. Naturally as he is in the delicate process of figuring out the wiring, he got a call from work. The call from work precipitated a need to drive to Wal-Mart for a fuse. Then there was the ten minute search for the ONLY key to the compartment holding the fuse box. You'll have to ask HIM where he found it. Finally, he finished the "upgrade", cleaned the vent screen, and ensured that it would work every time.

All that for one picture of a little clean vent screen and a snazzy little flip switch....

On the bright side, we now have a box full of fuses for the next time! Oh, and a guarantee that the vent can do it's job... that one can't be understated!!


Speaking of odors & capricious crafting...
Now is about the latest time to make those neat things where you punch cloves into an orange or lime etc. They need a coupe months drying-out time b'fore Christmas.
Maybe they are called pommanders, but not sure.
Do you ever make these?

No, I have not. I will have to do a search on that one. Do they smell really good?

Oh yeah the ones I recall smelled very very holiday good.
Makes me long for Clove Gum.
I loved Black Jack (licorice) gum too. But cloves and cinnamon just equal nice relaxing times.
Did you find anything out about those things yet?

Not yet.... am on a Crafting Strike at the moment. They happen periodically. At this point, I just like to think about crafting...

I did order some nice smelling candles for the trailer, and we found this deodorizer at our local health food store that really seems to be helping the smell.

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