Can We Say....OUCH!

Yes today was the day. The new refrigerator was purchased. It hurt my bank balance... terribly. Ok, so not terribly... but still ouch!! Appliances for RV's are designed to take a bite out of your pocketbook and hurt the overly frugal heart. Ok, I should really stop complaining... it's done it's over. We'd put it off since July. It had to happen before Thanksgiving and at least Shawn can install it himself.. so no labor charges.... Ok...Ok.. I'm stopping!

On the flip side, NO more ice chests, eating out, fastidiously planned meals. Not to mention all the tea and coffee my heart desires. Ok, so the coffee is an exaggeration. The chef/coffee concocter only procures 1-2 cups a day....but a girl can dream....right?


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