Driveway Dock & Digression

Sadly, another weekend spent in driveway dock. I am not sure how much more of this we can take. It's unnatural! Or maybe our reaction to being unable to take a trip for the last 3 weekends might be the unnatural part.... Anyway, once again we are stuck moldering away. Just wishing we were pulling into some distant RV site (preferably pull through..as it's already dark) to rest before embarking on a glorious adventure tomorrow. (Did that sound glamourous enough?)

Instead we are putting together our punch list of things we need for the "big" Thanksgiving trip. If you consider a 4 hour drive a "big" trip. It's more a dry run for the Christmas trip which is a 6 hour drive. The Christmas trip is a dry run for the spring break trip (I hope). The spring break trip is a dry run for the summer trip. Who knows what the summer trip is a dry run for... I haven't gotten that far! Really, it's still at least 9 months away.....give me sometime!

I digressed again, didn't I?

Punch List:
Propane Refill
Alas, I wish I could give you more, but the man in charge of the punch list has been telling me to hold on for the past 30 minutes. By the way, how is one to work out her budget if all she gets is a mumbled "hold on"? Is it any wonder I digress** so much?

**Seem to just like that word today!


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