Fall Break 2010 - Alabaster Caverns

First thing Saturday, we hopped out of bed (after 8am...getting lazy) had some delicious cinnamon rolls (our first time cooking in our vintage oven), and headed out to Alabaster Caverns. The great thing about this area is the amount of State Parks in less than a three hour drive from each other. Alabaster Caverns was a 30 minutes drive from Boiling Springs. The tour was 45 minutes long. The pictures do not do it justice. It's a gypsum cavern and Angie, our tour guide was knowledgable and entertaining. (Did you know that calcium sulfate is actually gypsum? Did you know it's found in food as a preservative? Did you know the best thing to do when looking up into a Bat Nursery is? Angie says,"CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!" I did not get close enough to find out.)

My only recommendation - sturdy non slip shoes. Although none of us ended up on our rear ends, thanks to the hand rails, more than once you heard the shout of someone sliding about.

Next post - Shopping again!!


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