Fall Break 2010 - Day One part 2

After the Route 66 building we meandered through the rest of the Old Town complex. There was a house with many antiques. We saw one huge antique organ, several treadle sewing machines, quilts (old & new), a full luggage set covered with carved out of leather (personalized), children's toys, Native American items... etc.

They had buildings decorated to look like, well, old towns. General store, train depot, livery, caboose, tepee, one room house, etc....

We then went to the Farmer's building. They had old farmer's wagons, tractors, old pickup trucks (including a Model T truck ... I think) and other assorted farming paraphernalia. Tractor seat anyone? (My uncle once owned a scrap yard. He would take these old seats, weld them to a spring, weld the spring to a tire rim, paint it and you had a nice springy seat.)

How about a nice ol' caterpillar?
And as always, she can find a sewing machine at 50 paces. They had a nice collection of toy machines in this exhibit.
I loved this old school house.
Here was the center of the Old Town Museum Complex.
Obviously, I hand picked a few pictures. I took over 160 of them just that day.


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