Fall Break 2010 - Day One

Ok..so technically day two. Day one was a night time drive in hellishly awful weather. Yep, you guess it... thunderstorms. Drake was a DREAM all night long! There is nothing quite like pulling in to your destination and having (not an option to leave it hitched) to unhitch, unload 2 dogs & 2 kids, do all your hookups in a lighting storm. Enough of that.. on to the fun!

We (the kids & Nicki) spent the morning at the Route 66 National Museum and Old Town Museum complex in Elk City, OK. It cost us about $15. We spent a little less than 2 hours there. They have a transportation area where you can climb into the front seat of a pink caddy and pretend (while watching a movie of a country road to drive it. They also had the back half of a read car set up like a drive in. However, that movie was not working at the time. Honestly, in the Route 66 area my kids were only interested in the car below.

However, they had a few more such as this one.
You could stand under these umbrella's a listen to a narration. I have no idea what it says. My 6 & 7 year old were off to see the next car. The entire display takes about 5 minutes to hurry thru....I am not sure about if you actually listen to the narration.

Here are a few pictures from the transportation building.

More pics in the next post...


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