Fall Break 2010- Moving On

After Shawn got off work, we headed out to the real destination. Boiling Springs State Park in north eastern Oklahoma. Not alot to say about this leg of the trip, the hitching/driving/unhitching was pretty effortless...for the first time! Here are some random pictures from the park. They had some great play grounds for the kids, of varying sizes. Most were small ones, but in certain places they had larger ones. We were lucky enough to be in watching distance from a small play ground. Admittedly, the hiking trails were not overly long or as adventurous as Roman Nose, however they were gorgeous. This was a very quite & clean place and we enjoyed it. Only two minor complaints - burr stickers on your shoes & in dog paws (constantly removing them) and smokey fires (I love a good campfire, but there were several that put off enough smoke to alarm a fireman!)

Next our side trip to Alabaster.....


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