Fresh Delivery

Indeed, UPS has been to our house two nights in a row. Don't get your hopes up you A/S parts junkies! It was a collection of wires for our dual screen DVD system for the truck. There is a story, behind the latest delivery. It's starts with the idea of getting a travel trailer, GVWR, Towing Capacity, and a truck with (what Shawn calls) suicide doors.

At the time we started looking for a trailer, we had a 2005 F150 with suicide doors, sans a Towing Package. As you can imagine, not a lot of Towing Capacity(5,000). So after looking at many a small SOB (some other brand) trailer, we realized that we would be severely limited with this vehicle. After months of casual discussion we decided to go see what Carmax would give us on our truck. As fate would have it, Carmax just happened to have two F-150's with tow packages. So to make a long story shorter, we have a "new" truck.

So now we remove our stuff from the old truck and happily drive home. Guess what we didn't see? What could possibly be the problem with hiding the wires to the portable DVD player in the seats? All you had to do before a trip was grab the wire and plug it in to the screens and the the actual player. Really easy ... except that you forgot about the wires when the screens weren't in the truck. Guess what wasn't in the truck......

One might ask how long it took for us to remember those blasted wires..... well, only 4 months. And it only took us another 3 months after that to replace them....


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