It truly was inevitable. Due to Shawn's work, we were going to have to get mobile internet access. In the past he has often had to make quick fixes, attend impromptu meetings, and be on call during his holidays/vacation/weekends. If we follow our dream of Airstreaming more often that means Shawn would have to work on the road from time to time. Relying on campground WiFi is not (from what I've heard) a good option. We had been putting off looking into the mobile broadband options for some time. Generally thinking we'd go with our cell phone carrier .....that is until I read this post on the Disboards forum.

Shawn did the research. He chose the Virgin Broadband2Go MiFi. He really liked the cheaper price, the unlimited usage and the pay as you go. Which means NO CONTRACT. So if we aren't taking a trip in January we save $40. I am including a link to their coverage area here (to use uncheck the voice coverage box and click on the data coverage box). We (being him, after all it's not my job that needs it) decided to try it out. The most beautiful part is the no contract. If it's not fast enough, not reliable enough, or we just don't like it then we are free to go elsewhere. Just out the purchase price of the device. I'll let you know the outcome.

This is NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT. As if we are popular enough for such things.....


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