Well after proclaiming we would not go, after all there are no Airstream Dealerships left in Oklahoma, we decided to kill a few hours checking out the local RV show. We covered two buildings with 3 dealerships in about two hours. As you can imagine we saw alot! Needless to say it reminded us of why we chose our Vintage A/S. I really dislike wasted/unusable space. I do not mean to be snobby.. I just don't want the ability to pack every possession I own under my unit and haul it all over the continent. As my father-in-law says about towing, just because you can doesn't always mean you should.

I kid you not, some of the sink covers were so heavy that I would be afraid of dropping them on my toe, breaking my foot, and the subfloor. Faux Rock anyone? Islands? Side-by-side fridge doors with freezer drawer underneath.... and I am not talking in a Class A or C! We even saw one fridge that was residential (no gas), however that was in a Class A. My favorite was the faux rock decor, with the thin curved plastic walls coming in a close second. Oh, wait.. I forgot the sliding plastic shower curtain that was so thin a toothbrush could puncture it! By the way, do we really want our children to have a TV's in their bunks? Much less a Tv a piece?

The best part though was the 10 minute conversation we had with an ex-airstream service guy. He has worked on our unit. He worked at Brassfields, the dealership our unit was originally purchased from and serviced by. His face lit up when we told him we had a vintage unit from his old job. He remembers going to Ohio to learn how to do the body work and other repairs. We spent a few minutes talking about the old models, the difference between quality/construction of A/S vs SOB. Older A/S vs new A/S. He talked to us about his old 30ft unit and how they repaired bent/broken frames. He is now looking for an old Bambi to redo.... we wished him good luck finding one!! He looked very excited to be able to talk A/S.

Now it's off to do something else.... wall covering, anyone?

PS. Throat is sore from all that new RV smell!


Hi Nicki,
Is the old Airstream tech still in the business somewhere else?
Did you ask him if he was a member (better yet a poster) on Air Forums?

I did not ask him about being a member on the forums. He is still working in the RV business but for an SOB seller.

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