Planning the Obstructed Trip

Fall break...what a wonderful awesome thing. Thursday & Friday, two full days off from school in which we could take a nice trip in Minerva. We've been talking about and looking forward to this weekend for over a month. We believed that we would leave on Wednesday, after the kids got out of school and drive less than 5 hours to our destination. Shawn would work Thursday and Friday while the kids and I entertained ourselves until he was done. Although a local state park was the planned upon destination, we had put off actually deciding where to go. We started talking about possibilities about a week ago.

Our first road block was our monthly Co-Op order. Naturally, it comes in Thursday evening after 5pm. More naturally, we didn't realize this until after the order had been finalized and payed for. So officially one day is knocked off our trip.

Right about this time the second road block came upon us. They started to forecast rain for almost the entire state for the fall break weekend( after about a month without). Naturally, all our favored choices are in the rain's path.

The third road block is internet access. Shawn has to work on Friday and our state has more than one internet dead spot. Most of which surround state parks... I can hear some of you saying what about Wi-Fi. Local campsite Wi-Fi is not enough for his job, he has a USB card that provides his access.

At this point, one might just give up.... not us. So what exactly are we left with? Go west! No more than 5 hours from our home, as we lost a full day of the trip, but the first night we will only be driving 2 hours. Somewhere I can easily entertain the kids while Shawn works. But where?

At this point, we think we have it planned out but we are waiting to hear back from the RV park about checkout times. Obviously, Shawn can't work on Friday if we have to checkout by noon...
more to come later?


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