Safety First then Storage

Shawn has been getting his wish list fulfilled this week. As well as his punch list done. Since we plan on spending two very chilly holidays in Minerva we decided it was time to get detectors for Carbon Monoxide and propane.

The detectors are 12v and hardwired. Shawn decided to install them with cut off switches to prevent battery drain when Minerva is driveway docked. This one is the gas detector:

Here we have the carbon monoxide detector:
While he was at it, he installed an indoor/outdoor thermometer. We found this one in the clearance section at Target for a dollar.
And lastly, having absolutely nothing to do with safety, we have the cheap/very colorful drawer unit we got on sale at Wal-Mart.

Yes, I may need to go into storage container rehab soon. However, I still need to find bins the correct size for under the desk.....


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