Shawn vs. The Furnace...A greasy Tale

We have just gotten back from another quick weekend trip. Possibly the last quick weekend trip of the year but please don't hold us to that. This is the regular trip to take the kids to their grandparents. Which means I have a lot of catching up to do online as their is no internet access at the RV park we stay at (no phone coverage either!).

Shawn has "fixed" the furnace several times. Every time the trailer moves something goes amiss. I won't pretend to understand what the problem is exactly. I just hope this time it's fixed. However, it did make for an interesting journey. Yes, once again we got very little sleep on our first night out.

This time it was the furnace's fault and not the dog's. Or I should say, my husband and the furnace. I should start with the rattle we discovered after unhitching. Something had come loose with the fan. So after dinner, Shawn had to pull out the furnace and work on it. That fixed we went to bed with a nice slightly warm trailer. It didn't last. Truthfully, I refuse to count the number of times Shawn got up. I can tell you the pilot went out at least twice and eventually the furnace rolled over to play dead.

Naturally that was not acceptable to my husband. He has too much invested in this furnace working. After all he clean a huge dirt dauber's nest out of the fan and motor. Just like on Friday night, Saturday night at 8pm I looked down to see the furnace gutted on the A/S floor. I am happy to say that we were warm all night and the pilot only went out once.

I do not think the battle is done. I heard something about a nib being replaced and I am sure a good bump will bring the rattle back..... He has time to work on it. Minerva will be in driveway dock until Thanksgiving.


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