Shopping Again - part... well...lost count....

Not so emerency shopping trip-

Awhile back I posted a thread on Airforums about what other's "must haves" are in their AS kitchen/galley. Trying to figure out exactly what I needed. There was many a personal gadget listed. However, the almost constant "must" was Corelle (and plastic wine glasses). Having just purchased our A/S and (possibly)more in love with that "camping" theme, we bought some coleman enamel dinnerware instead. I still maintain that they will still have a purpose (kids can't break the mugs, over flow dinnerware, outdoor dinnerware), but practically for everyday use in the A/S.... not so much. So as many on Airforums members predicted, I ended up with these.
In our defense, we didn't have a fridge until this trip. It may sound silly, but until you are literally using the dishes for every meal (instead of one out of 3) a trip, you really have no clue if you like them or not. What they did not predict was the trip I would make to Walmart to buy bread and biscuits only to end up with everything you see in this post!

We also now understand why it's just practical to completely outfit the A/S kitchen instead of borrowing from your house kitchen. So in that vein we have: (we needed but did not have all of the below at some point in our first 1.5 days of our 3 day journey)

Measuring Spoons
Measuring Cups
Kitchen Knife Block
And just because I like them

This is, I hope, the last post of the night. The only down side to Oklahoma State Parks is no internet available. Which if I am honest, and I try to be, is really nice every now and then. However, instead of winding down every night with a nice quick picture post of the day's activities, I get home with some where between 200 to 300 pictures to pick from for what I thought would be three posts but ended up being five posts.

Goodnight to all!


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