Shopping ... Again

Yes, indeed we have been out shopping again. The original list had a mop, a heater, and a blanket on it. However, we purchased a few other things as well:

a tooth brush holder - I can now return the metal coffee mug to the kitchen area

a indoor/outdoor thermometer- I can now check the temperature and fear walking outside

flannel sheets - This became somewhat of a priority this weekend since I am the one that sleeps by the cold aluminum exterior wall. I can now hope to stay warmer on those colder nights.

The fridge is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday so there will actually be work done next week.

By the way, do you know a way of insuring you get to take your AS out for the weekend... I do. Get completely behind on your household chores... works every time. I now have about 5 loads of laundry, trip packing, child swim lessons, cleaning house, AS mopping, and various forgotten chores to do before 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.

It's all ok, because after 3 or 4 weeks of Driveway dock we are ready to GO!!!


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