Trailer Hitching For Two by Nicki & Shawn

I wrote this here originally.. and I liked it so much I copied it here too.

How about trailer hitching for two:
Class Schedule:
Hand Signals VS Cell Phone (Covers wether or not to use the trucks built in blue tooth with a 2 second delay)
Dividing up The responsibilities (who really gets to sit in the A/C and who gets to haul the 30lb driveway ramps)
Backing up to the hitch - Beginners (Backing up communications skill that will prevent 30 minutes of the silent treatment during the drive)
Backing up to the hitch - Advanced (This is how to back up to the hitch with a XXXL dog crate obscuring your view of your spotter, the trailer, and the hitch in less than 15 minutes)
Pulling out of the Drive (How to line up the ramps, communicate with the driver, and generally run around like a chicken with it's head cut off until the rear wheels clear the end of the drive)

Also cover basics of:
attaching the chains
removing the chocks
lowering tongue onto the hitch
connecting the cord
storing your locks, chocks, keys
locking the trailer that comes unlocked after hitting a bump


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