What Our Packing/To Do List Should Really Look Like

  1. Be dragged by legs out of bed. Not kicking and screaming but moaning in displeasure.
  2. Brush three small dogs/a standard poodles worth of hair out of two dogs.
  3. Wash Dogs - The trailer will smell all the better for it.
  4. Wash Towels used to wash dogs - The house will smell all the better for it.
  5. Remove dog hair from self.
  6. Spend 45 minutes surfing here to avoid work.
  7. Spend 20 minutes surfing here to avoid work.
  8. Spend 20 Minutes surfing here to avoid work.
  9. Create blog on Packing/To Do list... thus avoiding actual work.
  10. Decide to do some actual work (still working on this one)
  11. Wash actual clothes for packing
  12. Pack Clothes for self
  13. Help 6 & 8 year old pack clothes
  14. Approve/veto items from kids personal/toy bins
  15. Hope hubby remembers to pack his own clothes
  16. Pack hobby/personal bin full of things that will probably not get used
  17. Pack medications.
  18. Find kids sleeping bags
  19. Carry sleeping bags out to Minerva
  20. Carry bins out to Minerva
  21. Carry baskets with food out to Minerva
  22. Place frozen water in Minerva's freezer to cool it down.
  23. Carry dog bed the size of a love seat out to Minerva
  24. Carry Toiletry bag out to Minerva (This has almost been left more than once)
  25. Carry dog accessories out to Minerva (leashes, food, bowls)
  26. Load and secure 200lbs of dog into truck. Thus obscuring drivers view of tail gate.
  27. Try not to have a public marital spat while hitching up Minerva.
  28. Navigate/Manipulate trailer out of driveway
  29. Finish hitching up process (Weight Distribution and Sway Control)
  30. Return 30lb ramps to garage
  31. Shut and lock garage door
  32. Turn off A/C or heating & lights
  33. Check all Appliances
  34. Lock Doors
  35. Remember something (usually toiletry bag or dog bowls)
  36. Unlock doors
  37. Retrive forgotten Item
  38. Relock doors
  39. Depart
  40. Hope you did everything you needed to do......
  41. Drive .001 of a mile
  42. Stop and disembark from truck
  43. check brake lights, reverse lights, and blinkers
  44. Depart
Yes, this is a faithfully, brutally honest account of what really happens in the days leading up to our trips. What happens after needs it's own list.....


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