Airstreams vs Paychecks

I have come to a conclusion. There is nothing worse than an A/S owner and a paycheck. Yes, we've been shopping again. Here is our plunder:

Ok, so technically this was made out of scraps that I had left over from the wall hanging. I just thought a little extra protection between me and the wall couldn't hurt.....
Technically, these were free since we cashed in some rewards points for them. However, we still shopped for them. They are almost identical to the set the cook uses at home.....
We picked this up at Camping World. We watched this video at Longlonghoneymoon.com (Thanks!) and got inspired. Granted it took us some time to actually buy the shower head but some things just have to come first (floor, fridge, rock guard).
Now, I am sure some of you are going to think I'm crazy. GLASS VOTIVE HOLDERS! Well honestly, as far as I could see at Wally World and Target, they don't come in anything unbreakable..and would we really want something that could melt! This is honestly a luxury item/set, something that might not get unpacked every trip. However, sometimes in Minerva you need a little aroma therapy (fusty musty).
Curtain Carriers, I have broken quite a few of the "original ones". I am unsure if they are the correct size but we'll see.

And finally, a big thanks to both Tom and Frank. Here is our new water pump.

Shawn has a big weekend ahead of him. First the water pump, then the antenna, and finally the shower head....hmmm, wonder if we'll see him at all!

Meanwhile, it's packing and cleaning for me and the kids. I spent a good three hours doing my "Oh...(insert bad word of your choice), we have guests coming" cleaning. The kind you only do when people are coming. Unfortunately, there will be more of it tomorrow. Shawn's parents arrive on Tuesday and everything must be clean and packed for the trip!!! I may not have inherited much personality wise from my mother but a clean house before departure was one of them.


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