Home/The House/McD/Linner

For the entire length of the trip we referred to the A/S as home. Then laughed at each other for doing it. We are back at the house we reside in.

If you are traveling east or west on the I-44 Turnpike between OKC and Tulsa, unless you really want to eat at McDonald's or pay to get off the turnpike then back on it, you really need to have either food you can make quickly or the ability to stop long enough to cook something. I am not kidding all the "free restroom" stops that have "real" food (not gas station food) were McDs. One is a cool stop just to watch the traffic drive under you. The Mcd's is actually a Bridge spanning the road......but we don't like McD's anymore... we had breakfast at 8:30 am and linner (lunch/dinner) at 4 pm.

Now I am off to do the laundry.....


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