Leaks, Toilets, More Shopping

We got a pretty heavy rain storm today. Naturally, we have a leak. Naturally, due to the extreme slant of our driveway, it drips directly onto the front gaucho. Naturally, the gaucho is currently leaning against the wall in the living room drying out.

Shawn has finally decided to replace the cover to the toilet. Anyone with the 1970's completely original bathroom know's the one I'm talking about. Ours needed a bit of work, the underside plastic was broken, and we thought we could live without it. Kids...towels...toothbrushes (which frequently end up on the floor)....open toilet...well you get the picture. Needless to say, we got tired of worrying about what could end up in the toilet, not to mention being unable to use a perfectly good towel rack due to it's unfortunate location near the toilet. The ever resourceful Shawn, found an old yoga matt for the underside (apparently it was the only thing in the house that closely resembles the original material used), stapled it on, repainted the top vinyl, and reinstalled it.

As for the shopping, the cook (Shawn) has requested cookware for his mistress(Minerva-the A/S). By the way, once again ruining my oh so great idea for his Christmas gift. However, since he's planning on getting it for free....I can find something else. For the rest of the night, we will be surfing around for cookware, possibly some new flatware and what ever else I might like to look at.

I honestly believe that with "Aluminitis" comes "Shoppingitis". I just don't think the two can be separated. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.....


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