Maintenance in the Clouds!

So, I'm a huge fan of the Google Apps (i.e. Gmail, Google Docs, etc), and am finding more and more ways to use them in my daily life. Google Docs is the underbelly of the TAC (i.e. The Airstreamer's Club) membership and roster list...and Google Sites powers the website. I'm a big fan of tight integration, and am a bigger fan of "cloud" computing. I am now using this for my Airstream maintenance.

I recently created a Google spreadsheet with two sheets in it.....the first one is a trip log where I have columns for date, start point, end point, mileage, place stayed (url if possible) and general notes. I use this sheet to sum our mileage (which is important since there's no odometer) as well as being able to remember places that were good stopping points.

On the second sheet, I have columns specifically for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance (not talking about restoration stuff here, but rather tires, bearings, etc). I have these stored out on Google which means that a) if my computer dies it's still there, b) it on the "cloud" so I can access for any computer with an internet connection. This means that I don't have to go around searching for this stuff in 5 years if I decide to sell Minerva, but it also means that I can retrieve this stuff easily if I'm on the road and need to access what has been done to our A/S...when....by whom, etc.

Just a thought for everyone (although it is pretty geeky).


Nothing at all wrong with your plan. As long as you trust the cloud to make backups, you're set.

My day job revolves around getting computers to do all the work. That skill set bleeds over to home finances & such although an external hard drive backs up the data.

My Overlander's mileage & maintenance is kept in a pocket-sized pad stored in the Mighty Burb.


Very true, and point well taken. I too, work in the clouds for my day job (I'm actually an e-commerce developer) and do have this data backed up on my computer as well.

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