Minerva Saves The Day

Remember when I said the landlord and the repairman were coming by to fix the sink. Well the landlord has left but the repairman is still working. Poor guy. He's actually a friend of the landlord doing a favor. He's been here since about 9:30 this morning for a "simple" faucet replacement.

They (repairman and Shawn) had to use a blow torch to remove part of the facet but then couldn't get the rest out. It was a pitched battle but the sink won...or lost depending on your view. The landlord had to go buy a brand new sink. Then all the fixings for underneath the sink. The previous owners had all but cemented everything together. They had to turn the water off at the street because everyone was too afraid to use the cold water shut off valve. Afraid it might break and flood the house! They had to get the jigsaw out to enlarge the opening for the sink by 1/4 inch. Then they had to bend the metal rail thing under the sink to make an easy fit.

Needless to say, thank goodness Shawn fixed the water pump and filled the fresh water tank yesterday. He's had to pump water out for the fence repairman so he could cement the new posts in place. We've had to use the sink out there for hand washing. Go Minerva!!

Thank goodness I did the dressing BEFORE they turned the water off.


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