A Moment Of Silence

I know it's temporary but I'd like to observe a moment of silence. Shawn went to the store and brought home an air compressor. You know what that means...right? Winterizing, driveway dock. No trips for the next three weeks.....the horror/terror/depression of it all.

Yes, the night time temps are predicted to get right around freezing here in the cross roads of the country. I have been "trying" to convince my husband to move south/southwest/west for the winter. Basically anywhere that doesn't go below freezing during the night.... I think he's ignoring me....


When I saw "silence" and "air compressor" in the preview, I thought you were going to talk about enjoying the silence when the air compressor was not running. Some of those oil-less models are obnoxiously loud.

Actually I just left the house while Shawn was doing the work......and it was quite loud!

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