New Gaucho Coucho - The Living Room Version

Here is what is looked like in Minerva just a few days ago. It doesn't look to bad from this view. However, both metal zippers had busted. It was being held on by safety pins and forget about taking it off to clean it. It was actually a twisted, torqued mess. Not to mention it was wet due to the unfortunate leak overhead. Shawn brought it inside the house to help it dry out and frankly, I'd had enough of it's ugly reminder of it's failure to live up to expectation. Ok, really the reminder that I went really wrong in the execution of it's construction.
So what to do, I followed a suggestion from a fellow Airforums member....Denim. It's highly washable, cheaper than upholstery fabric, durable, and goes with just about anything.
And here is the almost finished product. I still have the bolster to finish.
Anyone wondering what happened to the other cover. Wonder no longer.....


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