New Orifice for the Furnace

Shawn thinks he may have fixed the problem of the pilot light going out on the furnace. Apparently, he cleaned the orifice that the gas comes out of for the pilot light. He then had to re-punch a hole in it. The hole was too big, which he read causes the pilot to go out. So he ordered a new orifice and installed it yesterday. He tested the pilot light and it seems to be working fine...however, we will see how it works over Thanksgiving.


This grabbed my attention. The pilot light keeps going out on our water heater. We relight and it holds for a day, maybe. Any insights?

Well... so far.... our water heater works fine. (follow all superstitions to prevent the need for repair/replacement!) Have you tried the Airforums? I found a few links about the water heater:



By the way, if you get lost on Airforums search (I do often) you can do a google search using the words "airstream water heater pilot light goes out". The first result you get will be from Airforums.

Good luck!

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