New Parts To Old Stuff...Needed

Guess who went shopping...again, this time online. While trying to finish up the cable connections, Shawn also checked to make sure the antenna still works. However, he couldn't get it to raise this time (we have actually used it once). Apparently two of the parts broke today. Not exactly a surprise, since the parts are probably original and mostly assuredly in bad shape.

He managed to find the necessary parts online at Out of Doorsmart. It was a kit for under $15.00...I think. So he'll have something to tinker with this week while I redo the front gaucho cover....don't ask it's a hideously bad story that includes a bad dye job, leaking water, busted zippers, dogs, kids and a change in interior decor (after I had already dyed the fabric).


I am always too busy watching the campfire or chatting it up to watch TV in the Airstream. We have assembled all the parts and have a TV antenna that goes up and even rotates, but it has nothing to connect to.

Honestly, we have only recently gotten a TV for the Airstream and we have not really missed it that much. Except for the one time a really severe thunderstorm hit and we couldn't get the weather. In Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas (ie... Tornado Alley) that can be a dangerous/frightening situation to be in. Strangely, it almost always rains on us the first night of camping....

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