Packing, Cleaning, Sorting, & More Packing

Ever tried cleaning, planning, and packing when your focus is always changing? I am packing for one trip next week, while planning for another that is 113 days away. I'm sure this sounds really strange, obsessive, anal retentive, or crazy. I will not deny that I have all of these traits, separately, from time to time and occasionally all of them together...but just occasionally.

So let me clarify, I am also putting away fall/spring/summer clothes which is why I am planning for the trip that is 113 days away. I really don't want to have to dig through bags/boxes/bins to find 8 days worth of spring clothes...per person. Have you ever tried to plan/pack for two trips at once that require the opposite clothes? On one hand, I am asking the kids for long underwear and on the other asking them to try on their shorts.

The best description for it would be spastic. I can say that I was unable to complete any of the tasks mentioned in the title. Frankly, between trying to keep up with myself, the children, and the vomiting dog I was mentally down for the count by noon.

Not to worry, there is more of it tomorrow. The landlord, the sink repairman, and the fence repairman are all due at our house around 8am ...joy! Then there is the cornbread dressing to mix up and freeze, the bedrooms to finish cleaning, Minerva's cleaning, a blue heeler to wash....but the packing won't get completed until Monday. Thank goodness the company doesn't get here until Tuesday!


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