Shawn's To Do List

Today, whilst I was doing the trip laundry, Shawn was out tinkering with Minerva. We finally decided (after redoing the gaucho cover) to try letting the kids sleep on it together in their own sleeping bags. Frankly, the cot is just exhausting to set up at the end of the day. Added to that, you have to make sure you have taken the dogs out before putting it up. Sometimes it just nice to let the kids lay down at night with a movie while we finish up our chores and then take the dogs out. Shawn is planning to build a trundle for under that Gaucho but he hasn't felt as if there is enough time between trips to attempt it. However, what we found was that the Gaucho in bed mode was very wiggly. Shawn's first task was to stabilize it...Wow what a difference!

We have noticed a slight leak in the plumbing where the hose connects to Minerva. However, when it's below freezing outside leaks just aren't cool. So he went off to the Home Depot for a washer.


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