Some Disturbing Notes

When Shawn called down to Griffth's RV today to see if they had a rock guard in stock, he asked about getting new axles. Axle discussion led to a rear-end separation discussion. Rear-end separation discussion led to dry rot discussion and before I know it Shawn has a flash light pointing out to me holes where the floor should be. For the record:

We do not technically have rear-end separation...yet. But if we are not careful we may end up with it, after all we do have a early 70's trailer (rear bath).

He found a few inches of dry rotted floor under the bathroom. You really have to look hard to find it. Not a surprising development considering the exploded pipe we found that leads to the shower. It will, most likely, be corrected after the holidays and before our trip in March.

That concludes our slightly disturbing notes of the day.....at least the we got the rock guard in place. I sure hope that means I don't have to worry about rocks, front windows, and being unable to replace the glass.


A big issue is that Space Age bathroom module. It keeps the eye out of many critical areas. It also traps in lots of moisture. The design of the 70's era trailers also allows rain water to go between the belly and the skin. You do not see this because the belt line going all the way around the trailer. under it, the belly is actually over the shell. Why they did this baffles me. In pre- 65(I have not done any late 60's yet) the shell is over the belly creating a shingle effect.

Yeah, Tom Griffin (our ONLY local A/S certified repair shop) is going to go through it this winter, after our christmas trip. Luckily for us, there's only around 4 inches or so that's bad, around the corners, and it seems a pretty straight forward fix (one that he's done many, many times in his 30+ years fixing A/S's).

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