Thanksgiving 2010 - The Trip Begins

We got up at the unholy time of 5:35am. We'd had a movie/dinner date the last night and had alot of work to do before hitching up. My day started off by making a quick trip to Wally World for drinks....Sadly, not of the alcoholic kind. We had all the food to haul out to the trailer, tires to adjust the pressure on, and a hundred other things. *Forgotten Item Of The Trip - Gentle Leader Harness...but I got the leashes this time!!

My in-laws got to witness the undocking of Minerva from the driveway.... we've gotten much better. We've become a better team. The drive was uneventful. Two stops & 4 hours later we arrived. We still have a bit of stress at unhitching...two hyper dogs, two hyper kids, and two busy adults.... not the most ideal situation but it's getting better!

This will be an interesting trip. It's predicted to get down to 24 tonight. We are going to have to dump the blue boy every night while we are here. Not to mention, praying that the furnace keeps the water tanks from freezing. Shawn brought the air compressor and is planning on blowing out the water lines if he needs to.... yeah, if... laugh away. 70% of freezing rain for tonight. I am very afraid and very glad we packed lots of extra blankets and the space heater...just in case.

Oh, guess what...IT'S AREADY THUNDERSTORMED!! Nothing in the forecast but we arrive and sure enough here it comes!


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