Thanksgiving 2010 Trip - Of Frozen Hoses, Magic Ovens, & Navy Showers

Our first night in sub-freezing temps was good. Furnace worked like a charm(knock on wood), kids slept the night through, dog only woke us once, had enough quilts for a smallish army. Let me just say the bolster was fabulous. Any of you vintage owners with the gaucho in the bedroom (above one of the access doors) if you have a draft problem, between the wall cover and the bolster pillow your back will stay warm if not toasty. At least until your husband gets around to fixing all the weather stripping.

Our pipes stayed unfrozen last night, but the water filter on the hose did freeze. However, after half a day of foul mood on Shawn's part, he figured out it was just the filter and refilled our fresh water tank . All but one of us has enjoyed a Navy Shower today. We were trying to conserve water in the fresh water tank and prevent the quick filling up of the Blue Boy. Our son took his last night and was 5 minutes in before we remembered to warn him about water usage...silly us.

Right now the Magic Oven is in the process of filling this 27ft trailer with the luscious aroma of homemade apple pie. Then it's off the Grandmother-In-Laws to cook the dressing.....

PS.... send positive thoughts our way. It's forecast to get down to 17 degrees tonight....the furnace may never turn off....may the propane make it through the night....may have to fire up the electric heater tonight.....


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