Weekend Work......Done!

So this weekend, I needed to get the following done:
1. Install new water pump
2. Install new shower
3. Fix antenna (ordered new gears)

So I take out the old pump....which is always fun in our A/S. I should first say that our galley plumping is a series of original copper fused with various shapes, sizes and ages of rubber hoses and hose clamps with a few pex fittings thrown in for good measure. One of my first tasks next year (oh, after getting the rear-end unseparated, building the new gaucho-trundle bed and repainting the ABS plastic caps) is to redo all of the plumbing -- the mess down there is not mine -- I inherited it!

At any rate, the new pump is considerably larger than the old Shurflo it's replacing, so I unhooked all of the various clamps and got it situated. After wrestling with it for a few hours, it was time to hook it all up and give it a whirl....SUCCESS! So, I'm feeling really good about my day, and headed on to #2 on my list (really easy this one...unscrew old shower head, screw on new shower head). Anyway, I decided to go ahead and fill up the freshwater tank and treat it. Somewhere out on the forums, I found some detail instructions on this amount of bleach to this amount of water, let sit, etc, etc, etc. Did it and went inside to eat lunch. Came outside to water dripping out of the belly...uh oh. After further investigation, it appears that (on our slated driveway) I not only put a wee bit too much water in the tank, but I also loosened one of the vent tubes on the top of the tank, so now all of the excess water was dripping out of the tank and into the bottom of the belly pan. I tried for an hour to figure out a way to get the bloody thing snapped back on without removing the furnace, but I just couldn't do it.

So, an hour later I have pulled out the furnace, furnace housing and ductwork just to gain access to the stupid little 1/2" plastic tube and spring clamp. Needless to say, this time I replaced it with fresh tubing and a screw clamp for safe measure. Attached it all, reassembled the furnace ductwork, slid the furnace back into its housing and cleaning up my mess -- what I complete and utter waste of a good afternoon! You win some and lose some, I suppose.

After completing the pump, furnace and ductwork, I then climbed up on the ladder to replace the worn and broken worm drive and gears on the old antenna. I ordered a replacement kit and you know...easy as pie. I drilled out 2 rivets on top, pulled out the pin, removed the old worm gear, dropped the new one in, added a new pin (included in the kit), coated the area with Sikaflex, installed 2 new rivets and that part was done. On the actual antenna side, I removed the old c-clamp and slid out the rod, removed the secondary rod along with the chewed-up gear, replaced, added a new c-clamp and it was done -- 15 minutes!

Tomorrow I'm going to go out and beef up the insulation in the rear area for the trip next week, and that's about it!


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