Christmas At The Fort 2010- Part 1

We have arrived. We got to the checkin at 12:15, right before the line got REALLY long, and were unhitching for the first time by 12:30. Ended up having to rehitch the 1st time because our stinky slinky is at the back of the tt (old Airstream) and we didn't back up enough to fit the truck. The second time...I forgot to check to make sure it was level.

After entertaining the neighbors, we took the dogs to the dog park. I can now understand why someone recommended the preferred pet loop. We got site lucky and back up to creek/stream/river. Step out of the tt walk back then around to the park. The dogs had a blast running around after days of being cooped up in the trailer. The kids had a blast running around the play ground at the same time.

Then we came back to the tt, left the dogs to recover, and walked around the trail to the beach/marina. We checked out The Settlement, TCD, and surrounding areas. We hopped on the yellow bus down to The Meadows and explored that area. We purchased an ornament for the tree, a pin, a postcard and our resort mugs.

It was then time to come back home. DH had to head off to Walmart to get a battery charger. The Univolt is not charging the new battery and since 11 of our 14 lights run of 12v..... we hope this will get us through the trip.

I had laundry to do and will just be able to keep clothes on us. The Wonder Washer Works great but without the spinner your hands hurt after about 2-3 loads. Since the loads are small that means you get about a day maybe day & a half worth of clothes done in 3 loads.

Now dinner is almost ready and Shawn needs me to move the dogs......


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