Christmas At The Fort - Part 3

Today was intended to be fun at the Fort.

  1. We meandered around our loop with coffee and the kids riding their bikes in front of us this morning.
  2. I took the kids to the park for about 15 minutes at which point their was some sand throwing and tether balls aiming at faces.
  3. The kids came back to spend some quality time with the couch and I took the dane to the doggie park. Drake took exception to a what I think was a Belgian Malinois. He didn't attack him but he certainly didn't trust him. Drake kept all the human females together (he kept nudging us back into position). I don't think there was anything threatening about the other dog but Drake refused to let loose and play. About 15 minutes later, I decided to leave since he wasn't enjoying himself and he was drooling all over my clothes...
  4. We all then went for a bike ride to fill up our resort mugs and then went riding through the loops at the Fort. This is quite a fun place for bike riding. It's a nice ride and quite fun looking at all the decorations. We have found 4 other A/S so far.. but no one appeared to be home.
  5. Around 3pm, I finally got enough courage up to take the kids swimming. The Meadows area swimming pool has a really cool water slide. Let me just say that the water in the pool is cold. Don't let anyone fool you. The lifeguard explained that it's because the water from the slide goes through 3 filters before returning to the pool. Shawn will be doing any more swimming trips.
  6. Lastly we wrapped up the night at Chip & Dale's Camp Ground Sing-a-long. Sad or lucky for you, but you all missed me doing the "hokey Pokey" with the kids. Now it's off to sleep for it's the Magic Kingdom tomorrow......


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