Christmas At The Fort - Part 4

The two day park extravaganza-

We partook of the Magic Kingdom yesterday. I had heard nightmare stories of the crowds during the Christmas holidays, and they were no worse on Thursday than when we came in June. As a matter of fact, we rode a few more things yesterday than we did in June in less time. We actually left around 5pm instead of 11pm. However, we skipped the light parade, as we'd seen one in June, and the fireworks. You can actually see and hear the fireworks from the beach at Fort Wilderness. It is quite pretty as it reflects on the water....without the crowds. I just have one recommendation for the Magic Kingdom - stay on the resort and make use of early magic hours. Some might think that extra money wasted but during extra magic hours we rode:

Buzz Light Year
Snow White
It's A Small World
Cinderella's Carousel

Then it was off to the Haunted Mansion, Tea Cups, Tomorrow Speedway, Magic Carpets, Pirates, lunch time, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Railroad (just me & the girl while Shawn and the boy went back to check on the pups), the Christmas Parade, and finally the Hall of Presidents.

Today was EPCOT. EPCOT just might be the perfect park to do when your exhausted..as we were. We missed about half of the World Showcase last trip and Soarin. We opted not to do the Test Track. Soarin was quite an experience. Possibly the only ride my son would do twice in a row...if I were willing to stand in line for it. The Showcases were a great but I am tired, Shawn is making burgers, we've got a trip to the north pole to watch, popcorn to pop, smores to eat.....time for me to go see my family


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