Christmas Decorations, Working GPS, Truck Bed, Assorted Other Things

If the people that raised me could have witnessed me this evening, they would absolutely not believe it was me. After all, window washing is not something they would ever associate with me. Something I manage to do about once or twice a year. Why was I unexpectedly washing windows? Well, we bought some Christmas window decoration (clinging jello looking things) for Minerva and her windows needed to be cleaned first. Tomorrow we will take the children out and let them choose the placement. Pictures to follow...I hope. Funny how the A/S makes us do things we wouldn't normally....

Shawn did indeed solve the GPS problem. He downloaded the map update on the old Mac and installed it without a problem. Needless to say, we won't be doing any big updates like that on the newer computer until they fix the problem!

He also figured out packing the truck bed and he's pretty sure he can get ALL four bikes in the truck bed. We were worried about this since the less stuff you have to remove from the A/S every night the better. Two adults, two kids, one dog the size of an adult the other the size of a toddler.... space is at a premium in our 27ft A/S. Anyway, he finally managed to get the pedals off my bike but he still isn't overly fond of it. Sadly, I did not get to witness the battle. He also packed the bike helmets and other assorted garage things for the trip.

Did I mention we finally broke down and bought Sasha (the blue heeler) a smaller crate for trips? She's been traveling in one about two sizes too large for her. Since we adopted Drake and his crate is HUGE! (Shawn can sit inside the crate with just a small slouch! Shawn is 6ft 2in.) Finally, we can strap both crates in facing the tailgate! No more turning the crates to the side with the dogs inside. Ever turn a XXL crate with 145lbs in it? Fun! True we will still have to unhitch to let the dogs out but one thing at a time.

We have talked a bit about the trip menu. We are going for easy meals. Basically any meal whose ingredients don't hog too much fridge space or can be used for multiple meals. For instance, homemade bean & rice burritos, homemade mac & cheese, ham & rice casserole, pasta & marinara sauce, taquitos and a completely non-traditional Christmas meal, but a very traditional camping meal. Cheeseburgers, fries, and ice-cream. I know we could fix a big traditional meal but I'd rather relax and enjoy myself...besides we just had a huge one for Thanksgiving. We do realize that we will have to stop and buy groceries but most of the meat we will bring from home.

I finished up some last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping....please, oh please be done. On my agenda for tomorrow, organization and packing the spring/summer/fall clothes for the trip. Oh and more playing with my new Christmas gift....post to follow this one.

Shawn has just informed me that he started some re-packng of the trailer. The cabinets under the control panel needed some cleaning up....apparently.


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