Christmas Trip 2010 Day Three

I am literally typing this while Shawn is driving down the road. This morning was a bit challenging for me. I couldn't get the trailer to hitch up. I had it perfectly lined up with the ball but it wouldn't rest on the hitch all the way. I had the coupler thing lifted up. I even raised the trailer up and put it down then back up again. No go! Finally I asked Shawn to come look at it. Takes him about 2 seconds to notice that the sway bar, that I had left connected to the trailer was digging into the ground and bearing the weight of the trailer.

Lucky for me, after we got the weight of the sway control the only thing messed up was the clip. Shawn straighten it out and connected it. We are currently between Jackson & Hattiesburg(just passed Faith Hill's hometown)...oh, my goodness the roads. Poor Minerva & Muse (truck got named this morning)!

PS. If you are the red mini van with Florida plates that just honked and waved at us:
Hello! And good morning!


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