Christmas Trip 2010 Day Three....Part 2

We have arrived in Florida. Not yet to our final destination but we are due for a few more days. We are just moseying along at this point. We start later (9am) and finish before dark sets in. We could have done it quicker but there are dogs, kids, and sanity to consider. We really don't enjoy unhitching late. We (the adults) get cranky at night.

Some observations:

We are in the biggest RV park we have ever stayed at. Just row upon row of slots. Our first time into snow bird country... I guess.

We saw a class A motorhome hauling a trailer. That trailer looked longer than our truck and trailer together.

A french bull dog tried to incite Drake the Dane at a rest stop. Drake said "Whatever"

We saw two Airstreams. One was for sale between Hattiesburg, MS and Mobile, Al. One was parked at a Antique Store somewhere. It had a covered kayak (I think) attached to the top of it.

We saw a Silver Streak headed up the road.

We drove Minerva through our first tunnel.

Drake skinned his paw pad.

As stated in the previous post someone honked and waved at us.

I vacuumed out the backseat of the truck....already. There was popcorn, chips, fries all over the place. Cleaning out the truck has become a nightly hobby.

I also used my wonder washer in Minerva for the first time. I could only do a little bit of our half full laundry bag but it works really well.

Our battery is pretty much dead right now. Not sure what happened but it's not really charging. We've been hooked up for two hours and we can barely run the fridge. Shawn is on the forums doing some research.

We invented a new eating term or two. Linner or Dunch (dunch is closer to the lunch side of the clock, Linner is closer to dinner side). *An ongoing silly conversation with our kids that naturally started with "Brunch".....* We had linner today. Maybe it will be dunch tomorrow!


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