Christmas Trip 2010 Day Two

Day two was a much better day. After a full (well almost full for me) 6.5 hours of sleep, Shawn's phone alarm went off for work. Yeah, somebody forgot to turn it off. It didn't matter. We jumped right into the day, all bright eyed and ready to go.

I managed to the all of the hitching up on my own while Shawn dumped the blue boy and unhooked us from the utilities. Well I didn't do the backing up as Shawn is just not ready for that yet and the lights wouldn't work. I didn't get the umbilical cord pushed in far enough. That's when Shawn noticed the gas gauge had gone from 80 miles till empty to 24. There's nothing like fear in the morning to really wake you up. Thank goodness for TomTom.

We made it to Shreveport then stopped in a Wally World parking lot. We unhitched, let the dogs out, got some bread, bought a butane lighter (someone left ours in the garage), ate some lunch, reloaded the dogs, re-hitched the trailer, got back on the road.

We have stopped for the night in Mississippi at a very scenic private park. We decided to stop early around 4:30 so we could get unhooked before nightfall...trust me, I really don't want to unhitch and unload again at night, in the wind, with temps below freezing. Yes, I know it will happen again....but nobody says I have to like it!

Shawn will be adding our RV park stops onto the travel map at a later date. Now it's off to dinner...he's making one of my favorites. Homemade burritos! He cooks and seasons the beans himself. He makes rice for it too.


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