Gratuitous Doggie Pictures

For Honey & Hsin-Yi, not to mention all you other dog lovers out there.

Sasha & her bone. I swear she wasn't posed. That's a lucky snap shot.
We often call her "Hope Springs Eternal".... Can you see the hope, love, and adoration?
This one is called "Busted". Can't you see the resentment in his eyes? He knew he isn't allowed up there. It was the first time he'd ever done it.
The happiest, most glorious 15 minutes of his life.... which were followed by the saddest, most humiliating for him and maybe the nastiest for Shawn's and me...
Do you notice the white blanket with the black spots (matches him) behind him? That's his blanket (it was a gift), do you see what he is laying on? Not his....but someone left it hanging off the couch.
Honestly, my dogs do have a gift for finding fabric on the floor...both of them. However, with Sasha it's more a calling...


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