Half Way...thru Texas

We left this afternoon around 5:30pm. Well I should say, we started leaving the city at around that time. We started trying to get out of the driveway around 4. Dag nab driveway and house location. One of these days I'm going to take some pictures of the driveway from a towing perspective. It took some fancy backing up and pulling forward but after 20 minutes and almost driving over the neighbor's bush we figured it out. Can I just say I envy those with straight, flat driveways that don't point to curbs? Did I mention that by the time we had the truck and the Airstream tires headed away from dangerous curbs one of the driveway ramps was in the middle of trailer? I had to use the other one to push it out so I could get it all lined up. Fun was indeed had by all....

What about the rest of the time? Well that would be picking up our monthly food co-op order... which they never have ready on time. Then there was the three traffic jams to get through even with TomTom's IQ routing. Finally the open road, the only problem... we were starving. We got us some food and high tailed it. We managed to make it to the east side of the DFW metro-plex before running out of steam.

Then it was the unhitching. We have full hook-ups but realized AFTER I had chocked, leveled(somewhat), unhitched, and unloaded all animal species (human & K-9) that we were three feet short of the stinky slinky's reach. We hauled the blue boy out of the shower and said "To hell with it". And now it's 12:10am, I'm tired and so is Grouchy (Shawn's nickname for driving days) and there is another full day of driving tomorrow. (Shawn my be Grumpy tomorrow... it's hard to tell. Just not Sleepy!) So good night or good morning if that's what works, safe travels, and come back for more craziness.


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