Homing Up The Place

We finally got around to some work today. Most of which for me was just pointing to where I wanted something put up and taking pictures of things... including things I had been to lazy to get before.

The Original Owner's Certificate
Yes, it is wrapped in Saran Wrap to protect it from me and the dogs until we find an appropriate non-glass/non-heavy frame. It looks better in person.
The Wonder Washer found it's home today. Or more to the point we discovered that the washer and the drawers would both fit into the closet. We are going to test this out on our Christmas trip to see how it goes. The drawers may end up finding a new home in the house.
The first of two cork boards. Right in the living room for us to decorate with our travels.
I think Shawn must have been a bit tired of keys laying around. He put up this hook and another right beside it....

Before cork board #2 could be put in place Shawn had to remove the ORIGINAL speaker from the wall. Don't worry we still have about 6 of them for a stereo we don't have anymore!
And now, the finished product. A note from Shawn, buy them to size. These were mounted on paper board which shreds easily. He had to smooth and glue the edges to keep them together.
And finally, a look at one of the new compartments under the bedroom gaucho.


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