Minerva & My Christmas Gift

Yes, indeed we share a gift. A much needed gift if you have a child and husband who are allergic to any laundry agent that has fragrance. Some might ask "what does it matter if you use the laundry mat". Well I assure you that those scents hang around for several washes. When my son was a baby, someone holding him wearing clothes washed in a scent would break him out in hives.

Here we have the Wonder Washer. Purchased from Amazon.com.

First you add the water, then the detergent, then the clothes.

Put the pressure cap on
Spin at one rotation a second.

We opted to rinse in the washer. Add more water, spin for 30 seconds, drain. However, we forgot our laundry detergent was hE. We actually had to go through the rinse cycle 3 times.
In the measuring spoon you can see the dirty water (very blue) that first came out of the Wonder Washer. Pouring out of the spout is the rinse water from the second rinse cycle.
Today, once I get off this computer and out of my bed, I am going to put a twin set of sheets into the wonder washer and give it a whirl.


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