New Airstream Related Condition

I am suffering from grey tank envy. Most of you will not understand this condition but those of you with a pre-73 (I think that was the year they became mandatory) might just understand this condition. Oh yes, we can and have gotten a blue boy. However, boondocking is challenging with the blue boy. We can route our grey water into the black tank which means quicker dumping of the black tank. I will need to come to terms with this condition (and a few others)... I'm just letting you know that I have discovered a "new" A/S related condition. Or maybe one that people don't discuss......

More pictures to come once we get this baby driveway docked. YES, WE ARE 50 MILES FROM THAT STICKS-N-BRICKS HOUSE. Ok, so I am not exactly ready to go "home". I am ready to sit in one location for more than 12 hours...again.


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