Night Full Of "Excitement"

Our 12v power situation was getting dire. After traveling for 4-6 hours (don't worry, we stopped for the dogs), we noticed the power wasn't what it should be. Then it wasn't improving after being connected to shore power.

Was it a problem with the battery? The converter? The shore power? We were told when we bought her "I just put a new battery in it". Shawn is pretty sure the battery is about 3 years old. We haven't had a lot of electrical problems. This was all new ground. We were getting a small amount of charge but barely enough to power the fridge. Forget turning on a 12v light. Strangely, the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom areas are all 12v. Once the kids went down we navigated by flashlight.

After a few hours, some tinkering by Shawn and no charge in the battery, it was time to hit the forums for help. They came through again. With much help, Shawn was pretty sure it was the battery. So at 10pm he was off to Walmart before the battery died completely (I know there could be a battery debate at this point, but when it's in the 30's and your furnace isn't working....). Needless to say; we had heat all night, the new battery's charge is steady (not depleted), and we can turn on two 12v lights at one time.

Gotta give another thanks to the guys on Airforums! You really saved our bacon (literally and figuratively)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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