Not Hiding

We are not hiding and I have a post or two to go up. However, I started a download for my gps (new maps). After two days, it finally finished BUT there is a problem with the maps and the Mac OS. So now I am trying to download the original maps. Did I mention we turned off our cable internet and went to mobil wifi? Although the mobile wifi is really good...downloading over a gig takes a really long time.........It downloaded for over 2 hours last night, it's been doing for almost 2 hours this morning, and it's says 35 minutes but it's still increasing the time!!


Hi Sasha & Drake! Like the new look of your human's blog...but she needs to post more photos of you!! :-)

Hope you're snuggled up in the warm away from the cold!

Honey the Great Dane
ps. did you get any turkey in the end??

Hi Honey,
Our other human (the web/computer guy) decided to do some playing around with the template. It does look much better. As for the photos...our human has gotten really bad about posting any pictures....

We wish we were in a warm place like you but we've got a few blankets to help us....

Sasha & Drake

ps. we did NOT get any turkey but Drake did have an unfortunate incident with a squeaky toy!!

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