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We have quite a bit of work do do for the trip and a little on Minerva. However, it's just too darn cold and windy and to be bothered with it. Really it just the wind, the cold can be handled but the wind...not so much. We still have a bit of leeway with the time, as well.

Shawn is waiting for the very brief warm front to come through to attempt to put up the cork board and have the kids add the window cling decorations. Do you think they will fall down while driving? Though, he has proclaimed that today is that day to get the curtains back up as he doesn't like people to see inside Minerva.

I have most of the usual packing done (sheets, blankets, towels, etc) but I am waiting for that same warm front to start pack muling bins out to the A/S. The "usual packing" is typically 90% of the work; however, since this is a Christmas Trip to warmer climates that's not the case.

As I may or may not have already posted, I have already packed the spring/summer/fall clothes (shorts/short sleeve shirts/bathing suits) for the trip. *Honestly, I am not sure if it will be shorts weather but they take up so little space. I do know that the pools are heated to 78 year round and kids are crazy enough not to care. Now it's just the waiting game for the rest. Starting next school week, I plan on doing the wash it/pack it routine. Then there is the Christmas gifts, but they will go in on departure day. Not to mention the joy of trying to hide certain ones from the kids in a 27ft trailer!!!

Finally, we have the weather watch. Keeping track of the forecast for about 10 states is so much fun...ok, so technically in the beginning it's just 2 or 3. However if it looks bad in those 2 or 3 then we have to add the rest to it. Or up the departure day, which means kids miss a day or two of school....hmmmmm.


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