Off The Road... Finally

After a bit of a early start.. before 9am, we finally stopped around 6. We covered what was left of the Florida Panhandle, all 66 miles of Alabama, Mississippi and are half way through Louisiana. At this point we will head northbound but at least tomorrow (thank you Shawn's work) will yield a shorter driving day and a much needed laundry detail (which I will have very little to do with {yea Mimi}).

On the positive side, we saw our first A/S motor home today. It pulled up beside us at the Mississippi Welcome Center. A very friendly man, who talked to us for a few minutes about his previous trailers. Another trailer pulled in a few minutes after we did but they were too far way from us to chat. We caught sight of quite a few A/S along I-10 today. So if you saw a vintage one headed east bound and you were west bound that was us flashing our hi to you.

We are also hoping to get a stop in at an A/S dealership in Mesquite Texas. Just a nice last stop on our trip. Now good night, safe travels, enjoyable journeys.. and for crying out loud.. get some sleep!


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