Shopping..And Re-winterizing....Again

Minerva's bathroom holds a lot of humidity after a shower and regular towels just weren't getting dry. After watching this, we decided to try their advice. We found these towels at JC Penny's and purchased a few to test them out. We found that we really like them. They dry out very fast. So when we saw JCPenny had them on sale this week we had to get a few more. Plus a few hand towels and some wash rags. They were (with sale and the $10 coupon) basically half price. Now I must go de-tag, wash, and pack them away.

Shawn is in the process of re-winterizing Minerva today. We planned on the Christmas trip being the last trip until the thaw (notice I said planning). A bit sad but it's getting too cold... time for her to hibernate for the winter. Not to mention getting some of that laundry list of work done on her....


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