I spent a pleasant morning cleaning out Minerva. Shawn had been at work in her and she was a mess. Saw dust and grass everywhere...ok, so some of it was from our last trip, just not the saw dust. It was time for a good wipe down of the interior of the cabinets and general dusting. Not to mention cleaning of the bathroom facilities. I admit, it's a bit difficult to clean behind the toilet! When I left her, Minerva was smelling like a fresh orange.

Why was there saw dust? Well when we first got Minerva, she had the original sheet metal compartments under the gauchos. Anyone who knows me, knows that if there is a possible way to injury myself on something seemingly no one else could... I will do it. So he pulled out the bins. I honestly think he believed that all the tambour was coming out and he would build something else for under there. Well he was right on one account. He did end up building something under there. It just ended up being replacement compartments made of luan to place yet more bins into. As for the tambour....it stayed. I love the tambour....for some strange reason. Except maybe when it tries to cut off my hands at the wrist.

In the mean time, Shawn was attempting to figure out how to pack the back of the truck. It was turning into a royal battle between him, the truck bed, the bikes, and the dog crates. Not pretty at all! I think he was on the way to figuring it out. He removed the front tires from both bikes and his bike pedals. About this time, his true hatred of my bike took a turn for the worse and simply because we can't get the pedals off (if I didn't know better I'd swear they were welded on!). Needless to say his frustration forced him to put it aside for another day.

Then the continuation of the GPS fiasco. Can anyone tell me why we have to figure out the problems for them? After 3 days of:
  1. Sucking the life out of our bandwidth, downloading over a gig of maps that get hung up midway through installation.
  2. Talking to support techs who put me on hold for 10 minutes at a time because they had no clue how to help me.
  3. Then instructing me to delete my original maps.
  4. Then had me spend another 12 hours trying to download the original maps he had me delete.
  5. Only to have that map get hung up in the exact same spot.
  6. They then told Shawn (who'd had enough of listening on the side) to go to a PC (the horror, we haven't had one of those in 5 years!), borrow a friend's PC (I don't care how good a friend you are... we don't share account names and passwords), or go to the library and download (as if a library is going to let you download a program) the maps.
  7. They then tried all the oldest tech support tricks in the books....I do mean all of them.
  8. Shawn then politely informed them that he knew a thing or two about computers.
  9. At which point, they basically told us they would let us know when they fixed the problem, leaving us without maps on our month old GPS. Really hacking Shawn off.....
  10. Shawn decided to try the older Mac to install the original maps to see if that would solve the problem.
  11. Shawn got the older map installed and we backed it up to the newer computer.
  12. He is currently downloading the new maps using the old Mac. Updates to come..
On my agenda tomorrow... washing the curtain that separates the bedroom from the living room and the bathroom floor mat. Oh, and making a concerted effort to figure out exactly what I need to pack for the Christmas trip! On Shawn's, figuring out the back of the truck....


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